Loss of Taste [#3201]


I am a young Charedi girl and I have read the Rav’s sefarim, and I aspire to do Hashem’s will. For about the last 5 years, I have lost my sense of taste. I know this sounds strange. That is exactly why I’m worried about it. All the doctors I went to – and I went to many – do not know what do with me and how to heal my issue. My question is: What spiritual points can I work on achieving, in order to facilitate a healing of my sense of taste?


The physical layer of reality is a garment atop the [reality] of spiritual light. Therefore, physical taste is a “garment” that cloaks spiritual taste. Spiritual taste [enjoyment in spirituality] can become concealed [by materialism], just as the body covers and conceals the soul. Therefore, when one’s physical taste is removed [as in your case], this can be a great tool to reveal the sense of taste for the spiritual. So you should connect yourself further with a taste [enjoyment] in the spiritual which you feel. Identify where you find spiritual taste [enjoyment] in, and expand upon those areas. With siyata d’shmaya, you will merit to “taste and see, that Hashem is good.”