Working & Learning [#129]

February 6, 2018


If people who are sitting and learning all day are living the right kind of life, while we who work, who want to support our families – but we wish deep down that we could be able to sit and learn all day – are we only living a “b’dieved” kind of life?


First of all, the fact that you wish you could sit and learn all day makes you feel pain at this, and the pain itself is an atonement…The fact that you know that your life is a “b’dieved” kind of life is already an atonement. As long as you wish you could learn Torah, you will have hope in achieving you want. It’s like a person who is in jail – if he wants to get out of jail, he will have hope in getting out of jail. But if he never desires to get out of jail, he won’t ever get out of jail.