What Is the “kol demamah dakah”? [#165]

February 7, 2018


What exactly is the “kol demamah dakah” (the “soft, silent voice”)


Hashem created the world in ten expressions. When we all stood at Har Sinai, we heard the Ten Commandments, and the possuk says that there was a “great voice [of Hashem], which did not stop.” This voice continues until today. Chazal say that it is a Heavenly voice which goes out every day and bemoans the degradation of the Torah when it is neglected. We can all hear this Bas Kol, to a certain extent, if we reach into our soul. There are some tzaddikim reach a high level and can hear it on Shavuos, and they can hear it also during the rest of the year after that. But we are not speaking of how to reach this high level (in the shiur of Ways to Access Your Essence). Rather, we are describing of how we can hear the simple level of hearing spiritual kinds of sounds. Just like we understand that an animal can pick up on sounds, so can we learn how to pick up on spiritual sounds, when we deepen our sense of listening to become sensitive to the spiritual.