Being Happy with Our Lot [#178]

February 9, 2018


Does the concept of someiach b’chelko (being happy with our lot) apply as well to our ruchniyus\spirituality, such as being happy with our middos, or is it only with our physical areas?


That’s a classical question which is discussed. When it comes to our physical areas, we need to be totally someiach b’chelko, and when it comes to our ruchniyus, we have a two-sided avodah. We need to be happy with even our current level of ruchniyus that we have, as the Vilna Gaon says; at the same time, we also need to aspire to reach more and more levels in our ruchniyus. We need a certain amount of inner happiness towards ourselves so that we can “feel good about ourselves” somewhat, and at the same time, concerning our future, we need to aspire for more growth.
So yes, there is a degree of someiach b’chelko in our ruchniyus, and it is a very subtle avodah.