Spirituality & Intimacy [#763]

May 13, 2018


Ever since I have entered the inner world [of true spirituality and self-recognition], my relationship with my wife has gone cold, and I have found that the permissible desires [for marital intimacy] have become crushed. I find that I am less interested in marital intimacy. What can I do about this?


Open up ahavas Yisrael (love for the Jewish people) [towards her], the kind that is clean and pure.
[Editor's Note: The Rav has explained how to develop “clean and pure ahavas Yisrael” in the series “Da Es Amcha” (Getting To Know Your People) and “Da Es Reyacha” (Getting To Know Your Relationships), and in several derashos and Q&A found in the Inner Silence series, and in many other derashos as well].