Figuring Out My Individual Path [#1454]

November 17, 2018


The Rav has given many shiurim and has spoken largely about many paths in serving Hashem, and that each person has his individual path, from the lowest level to the highest level. In one of the shiurim, the Rav also has said (and has written in one of the sefarim) that a person needs to traverse several paths in Avodas Hashem in order to reach his individual path. I would like to ask as follows:

1) Since I don’t have that much information, is it possible for the Rav to write a list of sefarim which I can go through, so that I can get a general, inner picture of the different ways in Avodas Hashem throughout the generations?

2) In order for a person to reach his individual path, are there additional ways which a person needs to do, besides for the above, in addition to praying and crying to Hashem for guidance to find one’s individual path?




1)The sefarim of the Rishonim, which are: Shaarei Teshuvah, Orchos Tzaddikim, Chovos HaLevovos, Moreh HaPerishus U’Madrich HaPeshitus [and also the sefarim of the Acharonim which are:], Mesillas Yesharim, Derech Hashem, Daas Tevunos, Mishlei with Gra, Even Shelaimah of the Gra, Ohr Yisrael, the writings of the Alter of Kelm [Chochmah U’Mussar], the writings of Reb Yeruchem of the Mir [Daas Chochmah U’Mussar], sefer Tanya, Likutei Moharan, Maharal, the sefarim of Reb Tzadok HaKohen, Sfas Emes, Michtav M’Eliyahu, and the sefarim of the Kamarna - and there are many other sefarim as well [to study].

2) One needs to become clear about his soul by studying the four elements of the soul, and correspondingly, he should clarify each path in Avodas Hashem, which category [of the four elements] it fits into and what its root is [in the four elements].