How To Learn Sefer Da Es Atzmecha [#1460]

November 17, 2018


As I was learning the wonderful sefer “Da Es Atzmecha” (Getting To Know Your Self), I identified that I have a long way to go until I stop living a life of “taking” and instead living a life of “giving”. The Rav has emphasized in the sefer that a person needs to progress gradually. What are the steps of this gradual process supposed to look like? And how do we know if we have acquired the level and that we can proceed to the next level?



1 - Learn the sefer from beginning until end.
2 – Peruse each chapter and draw conclusions on how you have understood the lessons.
3 - Begin to review the sefer again from the first chapter, and contemplate the lessons and internalize the lessons in the heart. Then you can act practically upon the lessons. Do the same with each chapter you learn. [You are ready to move onto the next level] whenever you feel that a level has become simpler to you, and it is no longer a novel concept to you, and you don’t feel any opposition to it, for the most part.