Accessing the Light of the Neshama [#1608]

January 4, 2019


I read a response of the Rav in which the Rav explained that in our generation, the avodah (task) of a person is always to integrate the light of the neshamah (Divine soul). If I have understood correctly, this means that although our main avodah is to repair our middos (character traits), in our generation we also need to have the understanding that we are “shining the light of the neshamah” in all that we do. My question is: How do we shine the light of the neshamah? I didn’t find a shiur of the Rav on this topic, and I do not understand at all what it means and how a person can merit it. The Rav has said that this is an important topic, and therefore it is important to me that I clarify what it is.


  1. It means for one to believe in the purity of the neshamah, in every situation. The practical way to get there has been explained in sefer “Da Es Atzmecha” (Getting To Know Your Self), and there are also alternative paths which are explained in “Da Es Hisbodedutecha” (Inner Silence Series) and “Da Es Nishmatecha” (Torah Way To Enlightenment).

  2. By becoming attached, with absolute simplicity, in the Creator.

  3. By viewing the inner content and inner dimension within each thing, from in-depth learning of the words of our Sages.