Teshuvah For Violating The Bris [#1664]

January 7, 2019


In a case of a person who has been stumbling in the sin of “violating the Bris” [the sin of spilling male sperm], who has not been successful for the most part throughout his youth in gaining self-control over his lust for this sin, and who is even married now for several years and he still has not gained self-control over this lust, and he is deeply pained over this because he knows how severe the sin is, and what is written in the sefarim hakedoshim over this – what is the antidote for him? Does he need to learn sefer Raishis Chochmah: shaar HaKedushah, or sefer Taharas HaKodesh, or any of the other sefarim hakedoshim, with great emotion and crying? If this will just make a person depressed, is it recommended instead that he listen to the Rav’s series “Fixing Your Water”, or does he need more than this?


Besides for all of that you mentioned, one should also connect his soul to the level of “mesirus nefesh”, to truly, truly be willing to sacrifice oneself and be prepared to die, rather than transgress this sin, in order to rectify what has been damaged. Furthermore, one should connect himself to the deep chochmah (wisdom of Torah). In mystical terms, through “mesirus nefesh” one rectifies the sin on the level of “Keser”, and one rectifies the sin on the level of “Chochmah” (wisdom) through immersing oneself in the depths of the Torah’s wisdom. This is the meaning of what the sefarim hakedoshim taught that “teshuvah [for the sin of violating the Bris] is accomplished through chochmah”.