Building The Inner World [#1919]

February 28, 2019


The Rav has said that the more that a person builds a “world” of his own, the easier it will be for him to learn Torah by himself. What does it mean to build a “world” for yourself? How does a person do this? Is there any sefer one can learn which can help one do this?


1.When a person needs to be around other people all the time, whether it’s family or friends, and he cannot “find himself” unless he is around others, this is an example of a person who has no “world” of his own. In contrast, when a person is able to sit with himself each day and reflect about the purpose of his life and he makes an inventory on what he has done until now, and what his aspirations for the future and how he would like to actualize them – this is an excellent way to begin building one’s own inner “world.”

  1. It is very recommended to learn ‘Da Es Nafshecha’, “Getting To Know Your Soul”.