Showing Physical Affection [#2302]

March 31, 2019


If someone has a very warm nature, and he has a strong yearning to express love to other people, through hugging others and sometimes giving kisses to others (and understandably, he does so sensibly), to people whom he feels needs it – does this stem from acting superficial and from being empty? Does such a person need to become more inward, and learn how to connect to others through inner daas (intellectual connection) as opposed to physical touch? Or will this only serve to imprison his soul and it’s not meant to be his avodah?


1) If one only expresses love to others through physical acts, such as through hugging and the like, he is being superficial. But if it is a revelation of his deep feelings in his heart for others, he has fused together the external with the internal. It is appropriate for one to examine how much of an inner connection he is having with others versus how much superficial connection he has with others, and he should attain a balance [between how much external and internal connection he has with others].

2) Some people have a soul that is rooted in the realm of emotion expressed through physical actions. This particular soul root is called “Yetzirah shel Asiyah”, the realm of emotion within action. However, in others, showing much physical affection can simply stem from the physicality of the body. Each situation should be examined.