How To Have Bitachon [#2381]

April 7, 2019


In the series on Bitachon [Actualizing Our Faith] the Rav explains about a kind of bitachon where I trust that Hashem will fulfill what I wish, and that there are certain times when one can use this kind of bitachon. However, the Rav didn’t explain more than that. I want to know:
1) When can I use this kind of bitachon? Can it be used for material concerns or spiritual concerns? Can it be used for worldly matters? Is this a level that a person can practice throughout the day, or only at certain times?
2) Also, what is the way and attitude by which a person can acquire this kind of bitachon?
3) From what power in soul is a person able to have faith that his wishes will be fulfilled?
4) How can a person do this on a level of lishmah?
5) What is the way to reach it, and what are the tools that a person needs, through which a person cannot acquire this bitachon without? What is the advice for this? What prevents it, and how can a person overcome the obstacles towards it?


  1. It can be used for all matters [worldly and spiritual]. Generally it should be used at certain times of the day, except for a few rare individuals [who are able to be on this level throughout the day].
  2. Hashem has designed a law within Creation that if people place their trust in Him, this is a power that draws down blessing to them.
  3. By having emunah (belief) that Hashem has designed Creation this way, as stated above. Alternatively, if one has faith for the purposes of pure Avodas Hashem.
  4. The external layer of this power is the ability to be stubborn. The inner use of this power is to have pure emunah (belief/faith/trust/reliance in Hashem).
  5. [Bitachon is prevented by a] lack of stubbornness and a lack of emunah, as implied above. The rest follows.