Gaining From The Rav’s Deeper Insights [#2541]

April 12, 2019


(1) When I study the Rav’s lessons, I do not understand certain lofty concepts which the Rav discusses, because it is above my current grasp, but I get a certain chiyus (vitality) from it. What is the nature of this chiyus that I get from it – is it a materialistic kind of chiyus, is it a spiritual kind of chiyus, when I am just intellectually connecting to the Rav’s words but I am not acting upon them on a practical level? (2)
Also, is there any gain at all in learning the Rav’s words about concepts which are totally above my current level of comprehension? Is there any way to really get any inward grasp on these matters [even when they are above one’s comprehension]?


(1) There is certainly a connection you are having to the spirituality of the concepts described in the sefarim/shiurim, in spite of the fact that your connection to the concepts is incomplete because you aren’t expressing them in any of your actions.

(2) The very studying of these concepts described in the sefarim/shiurim will provide a romemus (enlightened perspective) to some of the people who learn about them. If you are asking this question also about yourself, then you can apply this answer to yourself personally. As for getting to the depth and clarity of the matters, for this a person really requires constant inner work. Amidst the process of one’s inner work, the concepts described in the sefarim/shiurim will become self-explanatory to a person, both on the intellectual level and on the “heart” level. In order to properly understand any matter in the sefarim/shiurim, one will need to be able to relate to the matter by finding the matter in his own soul. Without this, it will be impossible to properly understand any matter discussed in the sefarim/shiurim.