Reviewing The Rav’s Shiurim & Sefarim [#3002]

June 27, 2019


It is already several years in which I have been listening and also reviewing many of the Rav’s sefarim and shiurim. Except for the Rav’s shiurim on kaballah, I have spent a lot of thought and reflection on the Rav’s shiurim, which I have grown tremendously from, Baruch Hashem. This really cannot adequately be expressed or described. My question now is: How can I review all of the Rav’s shiurim and sefarim which I have heard and learned, and how can I integrate all of it into my daily schedule? I currently have three learning sessions a day, and in the afternoon I am babysitting my kids.


It’s possible for you to set aside a few minutes a day [for reviewing]. On a “vacation” day, you can spend more time on it. It should only be done according to your current capabilities. The main thing is to gain a wide expanse and depth into the sefarim of the Sages throughout the generations.

In no circumstance should you limit yourself only to these sefarim.