I’m Scared of Changing [#3191]

July 19, 2019


When I begin to identify where my feelings are coming from, I feel fear, either because I am afraid of change, a fear of changing, or because I am afraid of how others will react to me if I would begin to change. How can I deal with this fear?


Instead of thinking that you will have to make big changes, think that you will only be making small changes, and try to make small changes only. You can only be afraid of change when it is big change. Big change feels scary to the soul. So instead, think that you will only be making small changes. Change is like water dripping on a rock; the rock only withers after many drops of water on it. It happens slowly and in very small amounts, not in one shot. When you have this attitude towards change, then there is no reason to change.

Usually, when you think about change, you wonder how you will get all the way to the end, and you become overwhelmed, because you see how much change you will have to undergo, in order to arrive at the goal. Instead, think that you will be taking small steps and that you are only going to get there slowly and over time.