Hope and The Ray of Infinite Light [#14206]

August 3, 2021


What is the concept of the kav ohrEinSof, the ray of Infinite light which is above man and which connects together all of Creation, and how can we connect to it?


It is explained in Kaballah [in the Arizal] that at first, the infinite light (ohr EinSof) of Hashem filled everything, and when it arose within His will to create the creations, He removed the light and pushed it to the sides. There was a vacant space empty from infinite light, and then Hashem extended a ray (a kav) from His infinite light that was outside of the vacant space and entered it into within the vacant space. From this light came the ideal formation of man, called Adam Kadmon (Primordial Man) and every creation was included in this exalted creation. Thus the pnimiyus, the inner dimension of all created beings is this ray of Infinite Light, the kav. The Ramchal and others explained that the word kav is from the word tikva, hope. Thus, the inner essence of man is tikva. The kav, the ray of infinite light, is mainly revealed from the space of Adam Kadmon and down to Atzilus, meaning that the kav can be revealed for one who is “aitzel” near Hashem, or, it can be found with one who has emanated (ne’etzal) from Hashem’s light [those whose souls are rooted in the world of Atzilus]. Below the world of Atzilus, the ray of infinite light isn’t as revealed [and therefore it is harder for a person to have hope when he is found below Atzilus]. That is why it is written, “Hope in Hashem, strengthen and reaffirm your heart, and hope in Hashem”, because a person has to keep strengthening his hope, for it is harder to have hope when one is found below Atzilus, when he isn’t “near” Hashem.
Therefore in every situation, one needs to find the kav, the ray of infinite light – or the tikvah, the hope that shines within this situation – and that hope can bind a person with the Creator, in a wondrous way!

[Editor's Note: The Rav discusses more about the power of tikvah (hope) in Tefillah_0100_There Is Hope and Tefillah_131_Hoping For The Full Revelation]