Difficulty With Physical Exertion [#14361]

August 11, 2021


A person is obligated to do hishtadlus (practical effort) in order to get what he wants and needs. If a person doesn’t do that hishtadlus – not because he’s relying on miracles, but either because (1) he has inner fears and anxieties which make him feel “scattered” in his soul, or because (2) he is strong both intellectually and emotionally, but he feels very disconnected and unpleasant when he needs to involve himself physically in the material world, which requires physical action –
Is Hashem angry with such a person, and will He withhold blessing from such a person? Is there an alternative way for a person to receive blessing from Hashem?


Hashem loves you, always, and He desires all the time to do good with you. You need to exert yourself just a little beyond your nature – just a little bit and no more – and that is how you will become more connected with Hashem, and then He will give you all your needs.
Besides for this, it would be proper for you to clarify your personality and attain a balance in your soul. This will provide you with a proper connection to your true self, and it will give you much fulfillment, pleasure and joy, and it will bring you towards fulfilling your specific mission and purpose.
Think a lot about how Hashem loves you, and that you love Him as well, deep down in your soul. Through this, you will gradually become more focused and you will leave the “scattering” in your soul, and instead, you will become immersed in “Hashem’s world”, amidst your love for Him.
It is certainly possible to receive blessing through the various segulos (spiritual charms) which our Sages have written about, but you should not make this into the most important thing. The main thing is for you to daven, from the depths of your heart, in simple words, to ask Hashem anything you want, like a child asking his father.