Receiving Love [#14388]

August 11, 2021


What is the way to view the pleasure that comes from the love that we get from others? Do we need to imagine that it’s really Hashem’s love coming to us through the agent of a human being? For example if someone gives you a hug or a kiss and it makes you feel loved, does that mean that you need to feel how it’s really Hashem who is giving you that pleasurable feeling? Do we need to see the person as a messenger of Hashem who was sent from Hashem to give us the pleasure of feeling loved, or do we need to see the pleasure as coming to us entirely from Hashem?


The feeling of pleasure is coming to you from Hashem by way of the messenger who gives it to you, and as a result one should feel gratitude to the One who sent him this pleasure as well as the messenger of Hashem (the person) who gave it to him.