Staying Calm In Our Times [#14357]

August 11, 2021


The Rav said that we should live now with emunah peshutah and with temimus that Hashem will guide us through these uncertain times. But how can we be calm and relaxed like this, if the Rav has been saying that the tumah in the world today is destroying everything and that not everyone will be worthy of the Geulah, chas v’shalom if they don’t do teshuvah, etc.? How are we supposed to feel safe in Hashem’s hands when chas v’shalom there can be so many frightening outcomes of what might happen as we get further and further into the final days?


On one hand, live in the simple state of Ain Od Milvado, that there is nothing besides for Hashem, as literally as that sounds, which is discussed in Nefesh HaChaim, Shaar III. In that way, you are not really living on this world, and this is the heightened spiritual mode which you can rise to, called ratzu (advancing, and also called Yichuda ILL-uh, the higher level of revealing Hashem’s oneness). After you are able to live with those thoughts, return to your normal level, which is called shov (returning), which is also called yichuda Tot-uh, the lower level of revealing Hashem’s oneness upon the world, with the newfound awareness that no one is in control other than Hashem. By happy every moment and every day, feeling joy and calmness, and thanking Hashem for all of the good that He gives us, meaning that you should connect yourself to what you have and to all of the good you have. Every so often, when there is a necessity, return from Ain Od Milvado (or Yichuda ILL-uh) back down to the level of yichuda Tot-uh, living your day-to-day life with the newly acquired awareness that there is nothing in control except for Hashem and that everything He is doing is good. And keep alternating between the states of ratzu/Ain Od Milvado/Yichua ILL-uh and shov/Yichuda Tot-uh, back and forth, in a cycle.