The Power of Jewish Children [#14379]

August 11, 2021


Why do Chazal say that entire world stands on the merit of the Torah learning of children? Children don’t have daas and they are exempt from mitzvos, so what special joy does Hashem have from the Torah learning of children?


The Gemara (Shabbos 119b) says, “Do not touch my anointed ones” – This refers to the children of the Jewish people.” They are called “anointed ones”, Mashiach, from the word masiach, to converse casually. Children converse in Torah casually and earnestly, resembling a “wholesome man who sits in the tents”, the quality of temimus, wholeness.
Chazal also said that “The world stands on the vane chatter of Jewish children.” Rav Papa said to Abaye, “And what about our Torah learning?” Abaye replied, “Chatter that has sin in it does not compare to chatter that has no sin in it.” Thus, the quality of children is that their chatter has no sin in it. R’ Aharon Kotler (Mishnas Rebbi Aharon III, 104) says that although in the mitzvah of Torah learning children are inferior to adults, they are superior in the aspect of keeping up the world with their Torah learning. See also Zohar (Bo 39a) and Zohar (Vayikra 17b) that children hold up the world give might to the Jewish people in exile. The Tikkunei HaZohar (21a) says that because of the children, there is Shechinah in the Jewish people. Especially in the era preceding Mashiach, the main spiritual illuminations are due to the children, who, as mentioned before, are called “Mashiach”, my anointed ones. The Zohar Chodosh (Beraishis 13a) says that the generation before Mashiach will survive due to the chatter of children, and it is through children that harsh decrees are nullified. It is brought in Shelah, Torah Ohr, 100. However, the Netziv (Heemek Dovor Tetzaveh 28:41) says that the anointed ones, the children, have exalted souls. This seems to imply that their quality is not because of their speech, but because of what they are. Sod Yesharim I says that even the actions of a child are greater than the actions of an adult. The angel who teaches children is Metatron, the chief angel.
The root of children of the Jewish people is in the Torah, in the Aron, in the Keruvim who had the faces of children. The Keruvim, who had the faces of children, were above the Aron, hence the children of the Jewish people are on a level above the Luchos that were placed in the Aron, and that is why the world stands on Jewish children. Understand this very well.