The Solution To Unwarranted Hatred [#14394]

August 11, 2021


Powerful clashes seem to be happening between people more and more. It seems to me that when two wills clash, the discussion reverts to bashing each other rather than constructive listening and problem solving. I think we are all seeing this. On a personal level, if a person does not wish to bash yet wants another to be less self-absorbed because the other has neglected proper respect for the first, the one who feels the lack must turn only to Hashem to complete this feeling of lack. Otherwise the one “rebuked” will simply shame or blame the first for their lack. Thus if turning to Hashem is not something people comprehend, the only alternative is to learn how to deliver a “check” that causes the other to feel ashamed or blamed, lacking in some way, and now the discussion is on the footing of hatred rather than mutuality in serving Hashem.
1) Am I describing baseless hatred?
2) Is unifying Hashem’s Name the solution to baseless hatred?


1) Yes. 2) When one agrees that we are all echad (one unit) which became split into two, and that each person is really another revelation of oneness , that is the inner perspective that repairs unwarranted hatred.