Anti-Social [#14594]

August 19, 2021


When I feel that I have entered “within myself”, I feel calmer, relatively speaking. Then I feel all kinds of things. As a result, I find that I can’t deal with the world afterwards, because it’s much easier for me to be alone, then to be around people….


When one has a soul that is more sensitive, inner, and higher, one will have more difficulty in the area of being involved with others on this world, for our world is a place that is coarse, superficial, and shallow. That is why a person needs to acquire in his soul a deep and subtle love for all [Jewish] souls. On a practical level, one should have some minimal connection with another person who shares a closer soul root to him. Although this kind of person will feel a distance from others and it will feel very difficult for him to connect with another, that is precisely the person’s tikkun (soul repair).