Beginning To Fix Bad Middos [#14608]

August 19, 2021


Should we begin to work on our bad middos (character traits) when we discover them? Or should we leave that for later?


Absolutely do not begin to work on your bad middos right away. You have just started to get to know yourself, and before you discover lots of good in yourself, it is detrimental for you to work on your bad middos, because you will become overly focused on the bad in yourself and you are unaware of the good in yourself. You would be working on yourself with a lowly view towards yourself. Only after discovering lots of good about yourself can you begin a healthy kind of self-improvement. You must begin from a place of finding many good points in yourself, and if you have not yet found any good in yourself yet, you must keep looking for it. If you still cannot find any good about yourself, ask someone else to point out to your strengths. Either way, you can only begin self-improvement after you have found a lot of good parts about yourself.