P’shitus On Rosh HaShanah [#14546]

August 19, 2021


What are the main thoughts to think about on Rosh HaShanah and during the davening on Rosh HaSHanah?


….Rosh HaShanah is the beginning, and on this day, the beginning point becomes revealed. So it is upon a person to connect himself to the very first, beginning point in the soul, which is called p’shitus (simplicity), As a hint, it is better when a shofar is pashut, extended. From becoming connected to one’s p’shitus, one becomes connected to Hashem in p’shitus. Thus the inner aspect of the avodah of this day is to become connected in the depths of the soul to a simple sense of Hashem, which is above all logic. One must go back and forth between his higher mode of p’shitus, his simple connection with Hashem, and then to his lower mode, thinking complex thoughts of Who created the world and for what purpose, so that we can accept His rules.