The Talkative Child [#14641]

August 19, 2021


There are some children who are very talkative and they love to form relationships with people. How should we raise such children, and what exactly do they need to understand about where they need to draw the line when they converse with people?


Usually, at a young age, we can’t educate a child exactly on how much he should or shouldn’t talk. Rather, we need to create for him inner, deep content in his life. To the extent that a person gains inner, deep content in living, one’s conversations will be more developed. Certainly, there is also a separate issue if a child becomes too mature in his conversations with others. But it is impossible to tell a child who is 7, 9, or 11 exactly how he needs to speak. Rather, we need to give him inner content in his life. The more inner content he gains, and with the more his inner content increases, his conversations will reflect the quality of his own inner world that he has reached.
Teenage girls talk much more. When the time is ripe, try to have a deeper conversation about this topic [about gaining inner content in life], but don’t demand it of them.