Is There Really A New Wave of Corona Now? [#14901]

August 24, 2021


When the Rav was recently asked if the new wave of corona is a real concern or not, the Rav answered that it is partially true and partially false. I can understand that it is partially a real concern, but what did the Rav mean that it is partially false? Haven’t people died from it so far?


The details of the current situation are partially a real concern and partially fabricated – sometimes a little fabricated, and sometimes largely fabricated. Part [of the reason of why the current corona situation is exaggerated] is due to a lack of thinking and understanding [on the government’s part], part of it is being done on purpose by the government because of all kinds of agendas they have, and also because of politics, money, trying to weaken religion in Israel, a desire of the government to take more control over the country, etc.