Has The World Returned To Normal? [#14908]

August 24, 2021


The Rav had said last year several times that the world will never be the same again, after corona. It seems that the world has gotten back to normal though, as we can see with our own eyes. So what did the Rav mean that the world will never go back to the way it was before? Did Hashem change His way of running the world since last year and now He has returned it again to the way it was before? Do we need to act now the same way as last year? And, is the current situation now all the work of the yetzer hora?


Now that the light of the Keser has descended onto our world, along with a corresponding level of tumah (the 50th level of holiness versus the 50th level of impurity) to counter it, the world will not go back to way it was before. We have already said in the past that the corona is circle-shaped and that it has a crown-like appearance (because it represents the point of the Keser/crown), but behind its physical properties is the root of this disease, which is the profound level of tumah (impurity) of media use, especially the “smartphone”, which is rapidly penetrating more and more into the Torah observant world, whether they are unfiltered phones or partially filtered. There will continue to be turbulence within the physical situation of our world, in different ways, in a cycle of progression and regression, in all kinds of forms. But if one views the world today from an inner viewpoint, he can see it all as an outcome of the tumah in our world today Rachmana Litzlan, and the results of it are inevitable: It is causing the world to come apart.