Torah Learning Vs. Connecting To Tzaddikim [#14990]

August 27, 2021


There is a well-known concept of “connecting to the tzaddik” which is written about in the sefarim hakedoshim, such as in sefer Noam Elimelech and others. Does of all Klal Yisrael need to take this path? Also, how does one actually connect to a tzaddik? Does it have to be a tzaddik who is still alive, or can it also be a tzaddik who has passed away? And is there a collective tzaddik for all people to connect to, or does each individual have a specific tzaddik to connect to?


1. Moshe received the Torah at Har Sinai and passed it onto Yehoshua. Therefore, there are two “bridges”, so to speak, between the Jewish people and their Father in Heaven. One “bridge” is Moshe, who represents the tzaddikim. The second “bridge” is the Torah. On a general note, the path of Chassidus leans towards the “tzaddik” as the bridge [between Hashem and the Jewish people], and the Lithuanian [Litvish] path leans more towards using the Torah as the bridge [between Hashem and the Jewish people].

2. One can connect to the tzaddik through the “garments” of the soul [action, speech and thought]. By way of action, one connects to the tzaddik by doing what the tzaddik says to do. By way of speech, one connects to the tzaddik by speaking about the tzaddik and by saying the tzaddik’s Torah teachings. By way of thought, one connects to the tzaddik by contemplating the tzaddik’s way of thinking and to the general approach of the tzaddik’s Torah teachings.

One can also connect to the very essence of the tzaddik’s soul, by way of the middos (character traits) and mochin (mind) of the tzaddik. One connects to the middos of the tzaddik by connecting to the middos of the tzaddik, especially by connecting to the primary trait which the tzaddik clung to throughout his life. One connects to the mochin (mind) of the tzaddik by connecting to the inner essence of the tzaddik’s Torah teachings, by connecting to the “universal unity” that is revealed in the tzaddik’s Torah teachings. Finally, one can connect to the very innermost essence of the tzaddik’s soul by attaching one’s emotions and thoughts to the neshamah of the tzaddik.

3. It is possible to be connected even to a tzaddik that has passed away.