EREV RAV & MEDIA [#17178]

December 7, 2021


The Rav said that if a person still has Internet and he doesn’t want to give it up, and he remains inwardly/emotionally connected to the Internet, he has a part of “Erev Rav” in his soul, and in terms of how we should view such a person, we need to hate only this “Erev Rav” part of the person which remains evil, but we must love the rest of the person. However, the Rav also said that if a person remains emotionally connected to the Internet and he doesn’t give it up by the moment before the Geulah, he falls into the Erev Rav’s side, meaning that it becomes revealed how retroactively he never had a Jewish soul in the first place – he not only had an Erev Rav “spark” in his soul, but he was an actual Erev Rav soul, who is not part of the Jewish people. It’s frightening to even think about! So anyone who has internet-capable devices and has no interest in giving it up, might end up being from the Erev Rav! How then can we love another Jew at all if he has Internet, since he is possibly from the Erev Rav?


If at the very last moment before the Geulah there are any Jews who do not want to give up their Internet use, chas v’shalom, it is then that they have proven who they really are, by choosing with their own bechirah (free will) at that very moment, that their will is to be eternally connected with evil, chas v’shalom. [So as long as the Redemption isn’t here yet, you are still obligated to love every Jew and you cannot assume that he might be from the Erev Rav].