December 7, 2021


1) If there are any Jews who don’t withstand the final test, which is to separate from the 50 TH level of tumah which is the Internet – and because of this they are not zocheh to the Geulah because they have become turned into the “Erev Rav”, having been from the Erev Rav all along – does that mean that they become turned into the Erev Rav? Or does it mean that there are parts of their soul which are Erev Rav and it is those parts of themselves which will disappear when Mashiach comes?


The parts of their souls which are not Erev Rav will become joined with the Klal Yisrael, and the parts of their soul which are Erev Rav will be destroyed together with the Erev Rav. The part of them which chose to connect to the Erev Rav – which is their “Ruach” point of their soul – will also become part of the Erev Rav and be destroyed together with Erev Rav.
QUESTION 2) Those who chas v’shalom don’t withstand the final test and won’t be by the Geulah – will they die in the events preceding Mashiach or will they disappear and become nothing when Mashiach comes? Will they just disappear when Mashiach comes?
ANSWER Some of them in the first option [they will die in the events preceding Mashiach] and others in the other way [they will disappear when Mashiach comes]. [As explained in answer to