January 11, 2022


Why does the Rav give such short answers? Sometimes the brevity of the answer causes the reader to be unclear of what the answer is…


Chazal already taught, “One should always teach his student in a manner of brevity.” The Chazon Ish said that sometimes there can be a long path which is really short. First of all, giving long or short answers depends on the personal soul root [of the one giving the answer]. Some have a soul root that is more contracted, so they are inclined towards brevity, and others have a soul root that is more expansive, so they are inclined towards elaboration.
It also depends on how much time I have. Many times I can spend several hours a week answering questions, and I need to consider how energy and how much time I need to invest in writing responses, and how much time and energy needs to be spent on other areas.
An additional difficulty is because of the type of questions that come in. It is very easy for people to send in a very general question without learning about the topic at all beforehand, and in order for me to give an answer, I have to be very lengthy in order to give background on the topic of the question [and not always do I have the time for this]. The best thing is that when people send in a question, they should try to send in a question that is in the category of a “wise question”, which already contains half the answer, and the question should be coming from sources and from first being clear about the topic of the question, and after that a person should send in the question.
If there is anything unclear about an answer, you can try sending in another question for clarification of the answer.