January 17, 2022


I had asked the Rav about a certain topic…. and the Rav gave me a short answer…I was wondering if I can get more of an explanation of the answer, if possible.


I want to clarify something, and come out of my normal boundaries here, so that no one should get insulted.
You should know that I am very pressured. Most of my life involves using all my mental energy, until I can’t think anymore. Because of this, I am very exhausted. Writing these answers as well doesn’t happen at the spur of my hand. It requires me to think a lot about the question, from the root of the matter to the branch of a matter. That is why many times, in the middle of writing an answer, I can’t think anymore, because I have used up all my mental energy, and I have to stop in the middle. That is why I cannot always elaborate on every topic. It depends on how much time I have at the moment. My request is: Please minimize the questions, and only send in one question a week. I hope you understand.