January 17, 2022


I don’t understand how there can be other valid paths in avodas Hashem, once we acknowledge the path of Rebbi Nachman of Bresslov. According to Rebbi Nachman, a person must be connected with the true tzaddik – which was him - or else he’s basically finished. Rebbi Nachman makes it very clear that only if a person becomes connected with his path of Torah can a Jew be successful and live properly. Either he was right or wrong – how can it be that he’s right yet there are still other valid paths of avodas Hashem which don’t require connection to a tzaddik? How can they all be true?


This leads us to the entire concept of the inner reality, the Radla (unknowable head), which is also called the point where all opposites are integrated (kelilas hafachim). Not only are there different branching paths of serving Hashem that are all true, but even at the root of all the paths, all of the different paths are absolutely true, each to their own. At the root, all of the paths are different angles of the same thing. That is why the Torah teachings of Rebbi Nachman are the absolute truth only according to personal soul root of Rebbi Nachman. In order to benefit from his path, we need to integrate the opposite of his approach into our avodas Hashem, in order to have the complete path (because two opposites are the two sides to the same whole). Without understanding the concept of Radla/kelilas hafachim (the point where all opposites are integrated) or when one isn’t willing to agree to it – that is the root of all frustration and confusion between the different path of avodas Hashem.