January 17, 2022


How it can be that there are people who aren’t observant of Torah and mitzvos, and sometimes they can even be goyim, yet they have very good middos (refined, sterling character)? Do they have a purer soul than others? Or is it that they already repaired their character in a previous lifetime? Or is there some other reason?


1) They may be Jews [without knowing it]. Every Jew has 3 inherent qualities: Jews are naturally compassionate, bashful, and kind. 2) Or, they may be souls who are destined to convert to Judaism, and a spark of it is already revealed in them now. 3) They may have been born with a balance in their nature, or, the worked very hard on themselves using secular methods, either in this lifetime or in a previous lifetime. 4) Every non-Jewish nation has its own particular good quality. 5) Every soul has 1 quality that is already repaired. 6) Torah observant Jews can sometimes ‘push to the side’ doing inner work on their character, as a result of not living correctly. In contrast, those who haven’t yet merited to keep Torah and mitzvos are sometimes more focused on improving their character. 7) Since the Torah is called “Torah of truth”, sometimes this truthfulness in Torah observant Jews causes them to ignore the Torah’s “ways of pleasantness”, because truth often clashes with peace. In contrast, those who are far from Torah don’t have the “truth” of the Torah, so it is easier for them to have more peaceful behavior.