January 17, 2022


Several people asked me to ask [the Rav] about the well-known author “Chaim Walder”, of “Kids Speak” and other well-known books, which are found in most homes of Klal Yisrael for the last 20 years. (1) Is there a problem to read Chaim Walder books, whether before the bad reports about him and especially now that there’s bad reports on him? Is there a difference between his story books and his other books? Or should we keep a distance from his books? (2) Now that there’s reports on him, and there’s so much confusion and differing views that are dismantling his previous kosher status (chezkas kashrus), do we need to throw his books out of the house? (3) Is there anything the Rav can say about this situation in general which has shaken up Klal Yisrael on several angles?


I am very puzzled at this question. How blind people have become !!!
Galus ! Galus! Galus ! (exile, exile, exile!)
Only in such a confused generation like this, is it possible to ask such questions!!!
There was giluy arayos (immoral behavior) and shefichas damim (murder) together here, and people want to give the benefit of the doubt (melamed zechus) about this?
The next stage will be an act that involves avodah zarah (idol worship), giluy arayos and shefichas damim all together at once, and people will try to be melamed zechus in such a situation also?
This is exactly the very bottom of the pit of the 50th level of tumah (depravity) which continues to become more and more revealed. Instead of using the holy power of “the integration of opposites”, people are “overturning” everything by saying that darkness (evil) is really light (good).