Aura & Seeing Transparency [#2984]


I am currently learning דע את נשמתך (Torah Way To Enlightenment), where the Rav describes a kind of hisbodedus (meditation) of concentrating on something white or colorless. For years already – and perhaps since my childhood – I am able to see an “aura” surrounding just about any object, after concentrating for a short amount of time. I can see an aura on plants, on still objects, or on live beings. I can see a particularly strong aura surrounding a tree, and the aura is a clear, transparent color. Is this what the Rav is referring to, in describing how to meditate on something white or transparent?


No. [The avodah described in דע את נשמתך is that] a person needs to intellectually analyze “nothingness”, through [viewing] transparency.