Meditation According To The Rav Vs. Sefer Chovas HaTalmidim [#2986]


I want to receive clarity about the difference between the way of hisbodedus (meditation) which the Rav teaches in the “Inner Silence” series, versus the way of hisbodedus that was explained by Rav Kalman Klonomis Shapira [author of sefer Chovos HaTalmidim]. Are they two separate ways of how to enter into the deeper layers of the soul? Or are these two ways of avodah which each complement each other? Is there a way to integrate the two approaches together?


There are some fundamental differences between the approaches. Here are two of them. Firstly, in the approach of Rav Kalman Klonomis Shapira, there is emphasis on emotional reaction, on elevated spirit. By contrast, our approach [explained in “Inner Silence” series] is mainly based on calm reflection of the soul. This is because the approach of Rav Shapira makes heavy use of the power of imagination, whereas our approach works with what is currently existent, at one’s current level. Secondly, the approach of Rav Shapira aims at reaching the goal of enlightened emotion, which results in living a more spiritual kind of existence. By contrast, the goal of our approach is to reach havayah [the innermost dimension of reality].