Insensitivity [#1632]


How it is that certain people can be so insensitive to other people’s feelings? In our language today, we call this a lack of “tact”. There are people whose behave in a way that shows that they aren’t paying attention to what they do and sometimes they are completely unaware that they are hurtful to others. In other cases, there are people who do weird things and basically behave like uncivilized people. I am trying to understand what the core of these issues are, and how these issues can be fixed.


1) It stems from egotism, and the way to repair it is through giving and love.
2) It also stems from being overly self-absorbed. The way to repair this is through thinking about the lives of others, and by listening to another.
3) It also stems from a lack of refinement. This results in brazen behavior. The way to fix it is through learning the subtleties of [the Torah’s] wisdom, as well as through acquiring the awareness of subtleties.