Sins Related to Period of Shovavim [#864]

May 29, 2018


1) If a person finds it too difficult to fast, can the Rav recommend any path he can take, by which can rectify sins related to the period of Shovavim, so that no imprint of sin remains on a person?
2) Is there a path by which a person can know if he has finished rectifying the sins which one needs to rectify during the period of Shovavim?


1) He should fix the root of his worst character trait, and he should connect himself to the world of thought, with consistency and clarity.
2) If he feels that he is no longer pulled towards this [sin], and if he feels Hashem’s presence in front of him. This is also written in sefer Shaar Yissocher, by the author of “Minchas Elazar” [the Admor of Munkatch].