Learning Alone or with a Chavrusa [#866]

May 29, 2018


Regarding learning with a chavrusa, I find that when I learn with a chavrusa, my learning goes well and I am concentrating, and I almost don’t think about anything else. But when I learn alone, it does not feel like it has much quality to it, it is hard for me, and I am not focused. I feel that if I were to learn alone like when I learn with a chavrusa, I will grow with the help of Hashem and understand better. What advice is good for me – should I learn alone, with the same quality as when I learn with a chavrusa?


The more a person generally builds a “world for himself” in all aspects of his life, the easier it will be for him to learn alone. Practically speaking, one needs to specifically do the following. 1) he should get used to learning alone, for a few minutes a day. Slowly, he should increase this time, throughout his progress. 2) He should train himself to think about what he is learning, when he has extra time, and review and make conclusions about what he has learned, as well as through thinking about questions and searching for answers, on what he is learning. 3) He should get used to having some time of the day in which he makes self-accounting, etc.