Daas – Focus [#869]

May 29, 2018


I have a question about what “daas ” is. What is the difference between the power of daas  with the power of focus (in Hebrew, “ricuz” )?  Is it a conscious process, or does it take place by default, as a result from thinking for an extended amount of time? Is daas  the “back brain” of man, known today as “mochin”, the mind, which would mean that daas  is the way we penetrate into our subconscious?


Daas is the power through which focus takes place. Focus is therefore the result of daas . There is a hidden layer of daas which we are not conscious of, and there is a revealed level of daas which we are conscious of. The hidden layer of daas is the subconscious. The revealed kind of daas is our conscious. From the term “Keil Deos Havayah” (Almighty, Possessor of knowledge, the Existing), the Sages taught that the plural use of the word daas implies that that there are many levels of daas .