Introspection When Suffering [#1088]

July 13, 2018


Shalom l’kvod HaRav,
Chazal have spoken much on how to guide us in the matter of making self-accounting, especially after a person has experienced suffering, which Chazal describe how a person should make a self-accounting concerning why the suffering has come to the person. However, each person has a need for a deep soul-correction and a vast amount of knowledge of different perspectives on how to serve Hashem – that is, if we are speaking about an average person, and certainly the Sages were addressing the average kind of person. Each person is able to be blinded, though, by various factors which are preventing him from identifying the areas which he personally needs to repair. My question is: How can a person make a self-accounting of this kind, from an aspiration to make a purposeful kind of self-accounting, so that he can be directed towards the proper direction which will lead him to seek Hashem?


  1. He should seek advice from a person who understands him, who has no personal gain.

  2. He should reflect if his suffering has anything to do with a personal weakness that he has.

  3. He should go about fixing his greatest weakness.

  4. He should accept his suffering with loving and with emunah (faith in G-d).

  5. He should pray to G-d that he should merit to find the inner meaning to his suffering and its cause.