Understanding Myself & Others [#1648]

January 7, 2019


I am interested in learning more about the powers of the soul, and I would be happy to know if there is any sefer the Rav recommends that I should get [to learn about this]. Additionally, I would be happy to know about any sefer that speaks about the topic of “How to understand another person”. I want to learn how to be able to identify the dominant elements in another person, so that I can be able to help others with this knowledge about themselves.


If one wants to learn about the powers contained in his soul, the sefer recommended the most for this topic is ‘Da Es Nafshecha’ [available in English as “Getting To Know Your Soul”]. There is no sefer yet which explains specifically about how to understand others. But it may be helpful for this to learn ‘Da Es Baisecha’ and ‘Da Es Yaldecha’ [available in English as “Getting To Know Your Home”].