Shavuos – Women and girls [#2881]

May 31, 2019


How can women and girls relate to Shavuos? How can women and girls have a connection to the event of receiving the Torah, and to relate to this on an emotional level? How can women and girls connect to the concept of this festival, in a way that speaks to their emotions?


1) [A woman can feel a connection to the event of receiving the Torah since] all of the Jewish people stood together at Har Sinai with one heart. So the women, too, were each unified with the whole of Klal Yisrael.

2) Women have a connection to a more inner root than the above: they can connect to the “light” of Torah. There is a “light” within the Torah which is at a higher spiritual point than the intellectual aspects of Torah (which include chochmah, binah and daas), and this higher level is called “Toras Hashem Temimah”, the “Torah of Hashem is perfect” [and it is this particular aspect of Torah which women can emotionally connect to].

3) Women also have an active connection to the Torah, on the level of “shirah”, “song”, for the Torah is called shirah [Ed. refer to the derashah of “Song of the Jewish Woman”].