Shavuos – Learning From A Deeper Place [#2908]

June 6, 2019


What does the Rav recommend to do on Shavuos night, besides for what the Rav has taught us that a person needs to prepare himself [for the upcoming festival]? What is the kind of learning that the Rav suggests? Should a person also go out to do hisbodedus? Should one learn with the program that is in the place he lives in, or should he learn alone?


One should learn from a deep connection of his mind and heart, each person according to his own level, from the deepest place in his soul, the “fiftieth gate” of the soul, on the fiftieth day [of the Omer]. Part of this is that a person should also reach the place of “alone” in his soul, which is the deepest place in his own individual soul.