Coldness for kedusha and for tumah [#6333]

March 23, 2020


What did the Rav mean in the recent response about corona virus that it is coming because of all of the cold connections today that people have to each other and how is that worse than sin itself?  How can it be worse than sinning?


I will now go more into the root of the matter this time and I will elaborate a bit with siyata D'shmaya.  Hashem has created His world with an inner layer and an outer layer to everything.  The inner layer to everything is always the spiritual light, the ohr, which is contained in it and this corresponds to the soul, to the neshama.  The outer layer within everything is the container that is within everything and that corresponds to the body.  In other words there is a soul and there is a body to everything in the creation.

There are two different ways of internal connection.  There is a connection that one has to himself, which is called self-love, loving oneself, and this is a cold kind of connection. When two beings come together, there is warmth.  There is a connection of warmth.  Where there is an internal connection, when one  connects to himself, that is called cold connection. When a person is inwardly connected to himself, this is using the power of "cold" for kedusha, the holy use of the power of coldness. This is not an egoistic kind of self-love.  It is a holy kind of self-love and it comes from using the power of cold for kedusha.

However, when this power becomes twisted by the side of evil, it is the power of Amalek, who has the power of evil coldness. This causes people to connect with people in a cold manner.

There is also an evil way to use the power of heat, the power of warmth, which is when a person becomes passionate and heated when he is on his way to committing a sin, such as forbidden relations. When a person only has a superficial connection to himself, this is the evil force of heat.

And when a person has an egoistic self-love to himself, this is the evil use of the power of cold. Being cold is not a sin.  But it is the root of all sins because it prevents a person from doing mitzvahs and it causes a person to commit any sin. When a person is cold and he is indifferent to ruchnius, that is the power of Amalek, the power to be cold and indifferent towards the spiritual and just as a person's middos are the inner roots behind his mitzvahs and his Torah learning, so is heat and warmth a root to all of one's connections that one has.