Death in this Generation [#6336]

March 23, 2020


Why would this cause people to be deserving of death?  Is it similar to the situation of the second Bais HaMikdosh when there was rampant sinas chinam, baseless hatred? Or when the three cardinal sins were being committed? Or is this something new which has developed in our generation which is all considered like one small village connected together?


When a person is connected to coldness itself, it is death.  It is a connection to the very concept of death because a living person is warm whereas a dead person is cold. This corona virus, which is being caused by cold relationships between people, is a new issue which has developed in our generation. We will now elaborate on this, with siyata d'shmaya.

The three cardinal sins, the sins of murder, elicit relations, and idol worship, are the root of all sins.  However these three root sins are essentially getting their power from the sin of sinas chinam, baseless hatred. In this generation, the generation of the ikras demoshicha, the generation directly proceeding Moshiach's arrival, the inner root of sinas chinam is being revealed. And the very root of sinas chinam, the very root of baseless hatred, is the power of pirud, disparity, separation.  It is a world of disparity that is being revealed in our times. By the period of the second Beis HaMikdosh, when sinas chinam was rampant, it was more of a chance kind of a disparity.  It was a kind of a disparity where people were still able to bond with each other, in spite of the disparity.  It countered the chaya level of the soul. In the era of the first Bais HaMikdosh, the presence of three cardinal sins corresponded to the nefesh, ruach and neshama of the soul.  But in today's generation, the disparity of the world today, is the evil force which counters the yechida level of the soul, the highest level of the soul.  The yechida level of the soul corresponds to the holy power of coldness, which is essentially the power of a person to become alone and in solitude with Hashem.  In the side of evil, this power is countered by the power of evil coldness, the power of disparity, the power of Amalek.

Yechida, the soul's power to be cold, to become alone and attached to Hashem, is really the holy manifestation of keter.  This is being countered by the epidemic called corona, which is really the keter on the side of evil.

We need to understand very well that until the year of תשע"ט, 5779, we still had another 221 years left until the end of the world which is the year 6000.  From this year onward, with 5780, the 221 years have now been shortened.  The number 221 is equal to the word ערך, which hints to the midda of Hashem that is called marech af  מאריך אף  when Hashem slows down His anger. And now that the 221 years have been shortened, it has also minimized on some level Hashem's conduct of slowing his anger.  Therefore from this year onward, the entire world is going through changes, especially in eretz Yisrael and things will not become totally calm until the coming of Moshiach. According to the non-Jewish calendar, the year is 2020, which is the number 20 twice.  The number 20 עשרים is equal in gematria to the word keter. This is the revelation that is taking place now, the keter d'keter, the innermost level of the keter, which is keter twice, equal to 20 and 20, which is a hint to the non-Jewish year of 2020.  Therefore, a state of solitude has come into the world, an impaired kind of being alone, where nobody can come within the daled amos of another person. This is because the daled amos of a person , the space of a person, is a hint to the yechida level of the soul and right now nobody is allowed to interfere with another person's space. It is also causing people to remain secluded in their homes.  And as it is known, the nefesh level of the soul is in the liver, the ruach is in the heart, and the neshama is in the brain, the chaya is on the person's clothing and the yechida is in the house. Therefore, one is to become secluded in the house due to the yechida revelation which is taking place in the world today.

Understand that Hakadosh Baruch Hu has now erased any connection to tuma, to all of the restaurants, to all of the mingling, all of the vacations and all of the entire world of falsity that has been here for the last couple of years. However, just as when we left mitzrayim, we remained with the idol that was called Baal Tzefin, the root of all idols, so too are we remaining now with the very innermost level of tuma, the very core of the shaar hanun detuma, which is otherwise known as the media, the internet.  Now people are secluded in their homes but their entire connection to the world is still being enabled through the media and the internet, which is the shaar hanun detuma, the internet.

It is the most difficult kelipa which has not yet been shattered. The innermost gate of this shaar hanun detuma, the keter deketer on the side of evil, it is dominant now without any restraint. The way to get rid of this kelipa is by shining the light of Moshiach, which is found with us already now.  This is the light of the keter deketer on the side of kedusha. When the media will disappear, Moshiach will come. But until Moshiach comes, the innermost level of the shaar hanun detuma dominates in the world and it contains a mixture of kedusha and tuma, from the highest level of kedusha all the way down to the lowest level of tuma.  That is why in this generation everything has become mixed and confused together in a disturbing way, which our logic cannot comprehend. This will not change until the coming of Moshiach.