Chareidim & Corona [#14101] [עברית: #13687]

July 23, 2021


1) The Rav gave a response [#13602] as to why the Chareidi public doesn’t wear masks or keep to the corona laws of the Israeli government,* and the Rav gave 5 reasons. 2 of the reasons given were because we don’t trust the government, and also because we can’t believe everything we hear. What does this have to do with Chareidim specifically?

2) Also, can it be that there is also a more inner reason to it, and it is because Hashem is making a separation in Eretz Yisrael between the true Chareidim, those who truly fear Hashem, with those who are not the true Chareidim, who don’t fear Him?


1) In Eretz Yisrael, the inner circle within the Chareidi world is less trusting of the government than the rest of Israel does, and this is because the government is mainly harmful and bad to the Chareidi world. Also, there are all kinds of rumors that one Rav said this and another Rav said that, and most of these rumors have no reliable sources coming from the families of the Gedolim, and instead these rumors come from askanim (philanthropists) for the most part who explain it, and many of them asked but they don’t know in what circumstances the Gadol said it and in what circumstances it was only being said in the Gadol’s name - as anyone is familiar with.

2) That is very true – this is the inner reason (that the non-compliance of the Chareidim to the government’s corona laws is because Hashem is making a separation between the true Chareidim who fear Hashem and not the government, with those who aren’t in that category). The previous response was only about the external reasons why Chareidim don’t keep to the government’s corona laws.

*[Editor's note: this statement is a gross oversimplification and does not mirror reality actually]