Can Your Soul Change [#14372]

August 11, 2021


Can a person’s nature (and 4 elements) change as he goes through different lifetimes, or does one’s current lifetime reflect the nature that he had in his previous lifetimes?


No. But sometimes a person can get a spark (nitzotz) of another’s soul, or he can get “impregnated” with another soul (ibbur) [i.e. gaining the soul of a tzaddik]. He can become fused together with aspects of another’s soul (either through nitztotz/spark or ibbur/impregnating), creating a whole new dimension to his personality, that is, to the 4 elements of his soul that comprise his nature. However, one’s physical elements of the body can change, and the animal soul (nefesh habehaimis) as well can change, because the animal soul is called the partner with the body.