The Path of Teimanim – Yemenites [#14374]

August 11, 2021


I’ve seen the Rav’s response that the great tree of soul roots [discussed in Arizal and Ramchal] contains the three lines, the right, left and middle lines, and that the path of mussar corresponds to the left line, the path of chassidus corresponds to the right line, and the Sephardic path corresponds to the middle line. What about the Teimanim (Yemenites), where are they found on the tree of soul roots?


The path of Teimanim (Yemenite Jewry) is to integrate temimus (earnestness) with sharp, logical thinking abilities. This is the “middle line”, the integration. That is why, when it comes to many different areas, they are lot closer to the source of matter.